The Design Milk Mission

We built Design Milk on the foundation of sharing, supporting and fostering global creativity in design, art, architecture, technology and beyond. We support the world’s best independent brands, emerging designers, destinations, design events and products through exceptional, award winning content across the worlds of art, architecture, interior design, furniture, fashion and technology.

We are a small company, but we have a strong voice and a large community, which comes with a responsibility to support and share all voices in creativity.

Charitable Commitment
As a company, we have donated to charities or entities that promote social justice and reform or provide relief. In the past, we have made corporate contributions to Designs for Dignity, RAICES, NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, Border Angels, ACLU, Share our Strength and AMBOS Project, among others.

Diversity + Equity
We are committed to creating a diverse and equitable company through a hiring and employment policy that regularly examines our team, sets appropriate goals and measures and fosters diversity at all levels. This includes diversity training, internal educational programs, support for professional development opportunities and making sure employees have access to resource groups, such as those dedicated to leadership and career enhancement.

Editorial mission
For over a decade, Design Milk has been so dedicated to the work, the products, the architecture and the interiors, that we haven’t actively highlighted the people behind the projects and we believe they deserve visibility.

We are actively working on ensuring that we are highlighting projects, products and brands led by underrepresented groups and finding better ways to make the people behind them more visible.

We are creating a permanent reference list of architecture, design and creative organizations and websites that are doing excellent work with underrepresented communities and will support these organizations through media partnerships and collaborative efforts. We will share these resources through editorial articles and a permanent cohesive reference list, which will be situated prominently on our website.

In the past, we have connected with various organizations that promote Black designers, architects and creatives to see how we can partner and collaborate and/or support their efforts. We have actively been involved in and supported live talks in the design community addressing diversity and activism during design trade shows and events. We have covered design and architecture by Black designers and other POC and underrepresented communities. We will continue to do this work and find ways to amplify it moving forward.

In addition, we are working to become more involved in educational initiatives within organizations and institutions in the design, architecture and art space, and we will dedicate marketing and advertising space to these initiatives.

Anti-Racist Statement
We are an anti-racist company. Racial justice and reform require a long-term commitment, and we will continue to check and re-commit ourselves to anti-racist actions. Dismantling and rebuilding a system takes time, effort and energy, and we will do our part. Our intention is to be inclusive and insist that anyone we partner with has the same values. We would like to be a resource for anyone that is looking for help, and we hope that others in the design and architecture community will join us in supporting our efforts to combat racism.

Please contact us with your thoughts, or to pitch stories, designers and share ideas. This is an ever-evolving mission, and we will continue to update the community on new initiatives as well as revisions to our mission.