Fellow Designs Pour-Over Precision With Drip Machine Convenience

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Fellow Designs Pour-Over Precision With Drip Machine Convenience

Coffee specialist Fellow is known for designing coffee gear – grinders, kettles, pour-over kits – aimed to elevate preparing a simple morning cup to something closer to your favorite barista concoction. It doesn’t hurt that Fellow’s catalog is represented by a pleasing range of Scandi-minimalist designs. Until now the brand has primarily focused on coffee drinkers apt to embrace the ritual of coffee making – from selecting well-sourced whole beans, to grinding, to the patience required for a pour-over to unlock flavors savorable in every sip.

But let’s be real here, not everyone has the know-how nor patience for all that ritualistic rigamarole. What if you just want a very good cup with the convenience of a drip machine? That’s exactly the drinker Aiden, Fellow’s first coffee brewer, intends to satisfy.

All matte black Fellow Aiden automatic drip coffee maker with carafe from angled perspective.

Aiden’s sleek monolith-minimalist industrial design aligns with the rest of Fellow’s product line, most notably an all matte black finish embellished with a vibrant color digital LCD screen display where users can scroll and select capabilities mirroring the one found on the brand’s popular Stagg EKG Pro Electric Kettle.

Fellow tends to avoid overcomplicating controls and features, and the same can be said of their drip machine. The maker says their intent in engineering Aiden was to deliver pour-over quality coffee with the convenience of a drip maker. Built with two different brew baskets – batch brew up to 10 cups or down to a single serving – the coffeemaker is versatile in the amount it can prepare. More importantly for coffee connoisseurs, Aiden uses an even water distribution pattern via an adjustable showerhead, ensuring the grounds are evenly covered in a technique similar to a manual pour-over.

Rear view of the Fellow Aiden drip coffeemaker isolated on a white background, showing its water basin and measuring units printed across its back.

With exact temperature control reaching up to 210°F / 99°C paired with digitally controlled brew profiles allowing for different roast levels (light, medium, and dark), app and machine controllable brew time scheduling, and a silent brewing operation, Aiden proposes coffee drinkers who emphasize convenience as much as taste will no longer need to compromise.

“We’ve crafted a better brewer that celebrates the unique preferences and connections shared over a morning cup,” says Jake Miller, Founder and CEO of Fellow. “Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply curious, Aiden is here to enhance your journey.”

The Fellow Aiden drip coffeemaker shown disassembled, showing various components including its carafe and two coffee grounds baskets.

Fellow designed the Aiden for everyday use, including making each component easy to remove to clean. A clean cycle reminder, drip stop, and a removable water tank add to the simplicity of maintenance.

Aiden is now available for presale for $365 on, shipping in September. As a bonus and incentive, each presale purchase includes three bags of coffee from roasters – Onyx Coffee Lab, La Cabra, and Verve Coffee Roasters.

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