Arcadis Taps In-House Experts for Its New Miami Office Design

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Arcadis Taps In-House Experts for Its New Miami Office Design

The team at Arcadis settled into their new home right at The Plaza Coral Gables, a new city development sprawling across 6.7 acres in the heart of Coral Gables, Florida, just outside of Miami. The company specializes in sustainable design, engineering, and consultancy services for natural and built assets globally, and needed a space for their Miami employees. Because Arcadis is already an expert at shaping the environment and subsequent infrastructure to meet various business needs and challenges, it was a natural decision to let the soon-to-be occupants and architecture team design it. The new 7,500-square-foot office was built with future workplace needs in mind, reflecting Arcadis’ dedication to innovation and sustainability.

The design team took cues from nature and urban landscapes, and tapped into their own deep understanding of hospitality design to create a space that was warm, inviting, and comfortable. Let’s take a tour:

Modern office lobby with a wooden sliding door featuring the arcadis logo, contrasting sleek black panels and white marble floors

view of office lobby with green trees and seating area

Upon entering, visitors are greeted with a 15’ x 42’ warm wood screen that alludes to a natural ambience beyond the foyer. Once inside, eyes naturally gravitate upwards toward the custom light fixtures and natural greenery that add organic elements to the environment.

Modern office lobby with wooden walls, green plants, plush seating, and unique white light fixtures

office kitchen with oversized island and two black dome pendants in front of wood cabinetry

Modern office space featuring a sleek interior with exposed ceilings, wooden accents, and vibrant partitions, decorated with plants and stylish furniture

On one side of the office, a modern pantry space and kitchenette invites collaboration and socialization around an oversized island to accommodate plenty of bodies at the table. A wood-cladded ceiling, wall-to-wall cabinetry, and custom carpeting with leaf-like patterns continue the natural interior design motifs.

A modern office lounge space with green seating, a large digital display screen, wooden ceiling panels, and indoor plants.

Modern office meeting room with a white table, black chairs, patterned carpet, and frosted glass partitions. wooden slatted ceiling with integrated lighting

seating area in front of a wooden partition that sections of rows of workstations

Across the way, rows of workstations lie past the wood divider that sections off the space while allowing for natural light to flow through.

rows of workstations with black task chairs and white storage cubes

Modern office interior with cubicles, ergonomic chairs, and wooden partitions, featuring an open ceiling and stylish, minimalistic decor

Transparency and collaboration were two main points of consideration during the design process, so very few areas are completely cordoned off. Even conference rooms are enclosed by glass doors and walls to offer privacy while still maintaining visibility and spatial continuity.

Modern office interior with open white desks, black monitors, and a red seating area in the background, visible through the doorway

Modern office interior with open white desks, black monitors, and a red seating area in the background, visible through the doorway

Modern office meeting area with a long white table surrounded by patterned chairs, wooden slatted partitions, ample natural light, and lush indoor plants

While hybrid work has become much more prevalent, Arcadis still believes in the importance of being in-office.”Our collaborative work is the cornerstone of our success, and we depend on engagement, reflection, connection, and creativity, which can be difficult to achieve remotely,” shares Dan Freed, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Business Unit Director of the US East region. “In-person interaction is vital to create a productive and satisfied team culture. The Miami team has created a comfortable, inspiring workplace promoting creative vision. We have confidence that our Coral Gables office will provide an optimal environment for our skilled team to grow professionally and continue providing exceptional services to our clients for another 20 years.”

Modern office interior featuring a vibrant pink chair, a wooden chair, hanging lights, and large windows with views of the city outside

Modern office interior featuring a laptop on a foreground desk, with an open door leading to a conference room and colorful seating area. green plants add freshness to the space

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